Cooling capacity :32.5 ÷ 133.0 Kw

Heating capacity: 33.0 ÷ 135.0 kW

Modular design, up to 16 units

3 Models

General Information :

• Silver Prize 2013 Focus Design of Germany
• Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant R410A
• High Efficiency and Energy Saving
• Free Combination, up to 16 units

High Efficient Compressor compact structure, low noise and low vibration and is safe and reliable.

High Efficient Water-Side Plate Heat Exchanger has low refrigerant leak rate, a compact structure and less weight and is easy for production and installation.


V-Type Inner-grooved Air-Side Heat Exchanger

  • The heat exchanger made of inner-grooved copper tubes and louvered hydrophilic aluminum fins, has a larger heat transfer area and higher heat transfer efficiency.
  • The V-Type flat design and optimized inclination of the heat exchanger improve the flow of the condensate water, reduce frost blockage and ice blockage risks but enhance the heat transfer capacity of the heat exchanger.


IP 55 Motor The unit uses the totally enclosed air-cooled squirrel-cage three-phase motor. It has built-in overheat protection and an aluminum chassis, and its dustproof and waterproof level reaches IP55.


High Precision Electronic Expansion Valve Control the system uses high precision electronic expansion valve control and has a wider throttling range. In an ambient temperature ranging from -15oC to 46oC, it can run throttle normally to ensure that the compressor is running in the best condition, thus prolonging the life of the compressor.


Auto-restart Function When the auto-restart function is activated, when the power is restored, the unit can automatically enter the same running mode before the power off.

With Modular Design, more than one unit can be connected through wire and water system to be operated as one whole system. This feature also allows extra units being added into system whenever necessary and makes service work more flexible. Bosch air cooled scroll heat pumps of different capacities can be connected together to one system. The maximum capacity achieve through modular combination is 1072kW, or 16 units

High efficiency and Energy Saving saves more than 15% of energy then convention product. High efficiency compressor and high efficient water-side plate heat exchanger.

Free Combinationmodular design up to 16 units can be combined as one system, max capacity can reach 1072 kW

Modular design also facilitates transportation and installation.

All rounds protectionWide Operating Range

The highest ambient temperature of cooling: +46oC

The lowest ambient temperature of heating: -15oC 
Balanced Operation of Compressors the unit monitors the operations of each compressor in real time and adjusts the operating time of each compressor in an intelligent and balanced way to prolong the lifetime of the product.

Self-Diagnostic Function The unit can automatically monitor failures and display error codes on the controller, make the service and maintenance much easier

Auto-Reset Function The unit has automatic reset function for some non-destruction failures. When the system parameters restore to normal, the failures will be automatically removed.

BMS Compatibility The unit can integrated into Building Management System via the equipped RS 485 port,  it can be monitored and controlled via the building central control system.


Multiple Protections

  • Power protection ( phase, over/low-voltage)
  • High/low pressure protection
  • Water flow protection
  • Anti-freeze/water temperature protection
  • Sensor fault detection and protection
  • Compressor discharge temperature protection
  • Compressor suction pressure protection
  • Fan motor overload protection

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