Cooling capacity :1.10 ÷ 13.10 kW

Heating capacity: 1.16 ÷ 19.65 kW

Air Flow: 170-2450m3/h

9 Models – ESP: 12/30/50Pa

General Information :

• Super-thin body
• Energy saving
• Low noise
• Reliable and long lifetime.

Wide range choice
with air flow 170~2450m3/h, and cooling capacity 1.1~13.1kW, with back return plenum, or with down return plenum, or without air return plenum. Meet all the possible applications, 12Pa, 30Pa, 50Pa ESP. Extended drain pan, stainless steel drain pan is optional.

Galvanized Fan & ABS VoluteHigh efficiency large centrifugal fan ensures strong and constant air flow. Axises and bearings have been special treated for longer service life.

Heat Exchanger ComplexHigh quality hydrophilic fins and seamless copper tubes are made into state-of-art heat exchangers, ensuring a smooth and even energy transfer.

Drain Pan with InsulationThe enlarged drain pan has a two-degree slope to ensure a smooth drainage and is covered with 5mm PE insulation to avoid external condensation.

Return Plenum and Washable Nylon Filter Changeable air return plenum can be done easily at job-site with screw driver only.(backside to downside air return or downside to backside air return).
Product is equipped with washable nylon filter if with air return plenum, Aluminum filter is optional.

Removable End PanelEnd panels on both sides can be removed; coil connection orientation can be easily changed on jobsite.

Leakage-tight HeaderThis safe and secure header structure is perfectly designed, aiming at totally leakage-free and durable operating performance.

Innovative Filter Rack Slip-on type mounting rack allows quick and easy filter replacement. Washable nylon filters are standard.

To meet the requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection worldwide, while the corresponding national policies of energy-saving and emission reduction, Bosch thermal technology group launched DC fan coil and save more than 30% energy compared to traditional AC fan coil units. energy-saving is remarkable. At the same time, the products are more comfortable and reliable.


Elegant and lightweight, compact structure. The body height is only 220mm, ultrathin design enables the unit to be installed in a relatively narrow space.

The flexible design structure with a changeable air return plenum, make it easy for installation and changing the air return direction from backside to downside or from downside to back side.

Highly efficient heat coil is manufactured by mechanically expanded copper pipe with open-window hydrophilic aluminum fins to make heat change more efficient. Heat transfer efficiency is strengthened by large diameter of the impeller fan air supply.

With the low speed wide wheel forward curve centrifugal fan and low noise axis, the fan coil unit is running under an extremely quiet operation.

One molding condensate drain pan without weld and solders joints; Flame retardant type thermal insulation is pasted in water plate, absolutely prevent the phenomenon of water leakage. Specifically designed drain pan with a certain slope ensures rapidly discharging of condensate water.

Advanced Brushless DC motor .High efficiency brushless motor ensure a 30% more energy-saving performance than AC FCU and a less than 0.5oC temperature turbulence.

Insulation Class: B

Protection Class: IP42

Intelligent control:
Standard intelligent temperature controller realizes the stepless speed change, DC fan coil are more energy-efficient, more comfortable, more quiet and more reliable compared to the traditional products.

More energy saving:
DC fan coil with its excellent energy-saving effect, greatly reduce energy consumption of air conditioning system

  • DC fan coil can save more than 30% energy compared to traditional fan coil at the same speed conditions
  • Energy-saving effect is better with low speed

More comfortable:
Continuous speed adjustment, stable room temperature and more comfortable air flow.

Quiet and low noise:
No electromagnetic noise, stable operation, low noise operation.

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