BOSCH CLIMATE 5000 Modular Air Handling Unit

Air Flow: 20,000-100,000 m3/h

Cooling capacity:25 ÷ 1560 kW

General Information :

• Double skin casing structure which can meet EN1886
• German System Solution Design Silver Award. Bosch Rexroth high strength aluminum frame

High efficiency heat exchanger: heat exchanger patent improves heat exchange efficiency by 10% – 30% compared to the traditional heat exchanger.

Modular design: efficient use of space and energy saving, reduced air leakage rate inside unit

Ultra-thick, heat transfer coefficient is k=0.02w/m2k, effectively preventing the cold (heat) loss.Outer Panel: Color Painted Sheet.

Inner Panel: Zinc-galvanized Sheet. Options for material of outer panel and inner panel: color painted sheet, zinc-galvanized sheet, stainless steel sheet.

Outer and Inner panels realize heat insulation by filled PU (mineral wool as an option)

Highly strong aluminum alloy frame with surface oxidizing treatments, good-looking and anticorrosive.

Completely smooth inside, without any screw and welding joint, easy to clean, can be used for Clean Air Conditioning

Panel and frame adopt new closed type sealing strip for sealing without seams, which ensures good airtightness and cold bridge proof performance of unit.

Heat exchanger and

Drain Pan: HE set on slide can be drawn out at side to perform clean and maintenance work.

Seamless copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fin are combined thru mechanical pipe expansion

Drip eliminator can be chosen to prevent the drain water from drifting out, which is also drawable on slide for clean and maintenance.

Service door: Unique square observation windows made of polycarbonate comply with VDI6022 and reach UL94V flame retardant class.

The new M-AHU is developed and manufactured with German advance technical based on the advantages of exiting M-AHU. The unit adopts a modular design, simple structure, flexible combination, can be widely used in shopping malls, hotels, office, hospital, pharmaceutical, integrated circuit, precision instrument manufacturing

Outer Panel: Color Painted Sheet;

Inner Panel: Zinc-galvanized Sheet;

Insulation: 45kg/m³ Polyurethane Foam.

It contributes to outstanding performance of Bosch AHU:

•D1 (Mechanical strength)

•T2 (Thermal transmittance)

•L1 (Casing air leakage)

•TB2 (Thermal Bridging factor)

•F8 (By-pass air leakage rate)

Double layer design is much stronger than single layer structure. Bosch ceiling suspend AHU adopts high quality parts and components, ensuring a safe running and longer service life.

Thanks to the brand new double layer design, Bosch ceiling suspend AHU enjoys lower air and cooling power leakage and provides customer with adequate and constant cooling power and air flow, creating a comfortable environment.

Bosch MAHU is designed with inspection doors on side panel, providing convenience for service and maintenance.

Functional Section Standard Scope of Supply Options
Air Flow Range 2000CMH~100000CMH
Operation temp. Range 10℃~70℃
Whole Frame * Panel thickness: 50mm
* Casing Frame:TB2 anti cold bridge aluminum alloy
* Panel:0.5mm RAL9006 color coating steel plate + 50mm high density polyurethane foam +0.5mm galvanized steel plate
* Base:8
* Panel thickness:30mm, 67mm
* Insulation material: rock wool
* External panel:1.0mm RAL9006 color coating steel plate
* Internal panel:0.5/1.0mm sus304 stainless steel plate; 1.0mm galvanized steel plate; 0.5/1.0mm RAL9006 color coating steel plate
Air inlet section, mixing section * Air damper: galvanized steel
* Damper stem length:50mm over the edge of unit 50mm
* Damper: aluminum alloy
Primary filter * Filter frame: galvanized steel
* Class: G4
* Type: plate filter
* Filter frame: aluminum alloy, stainless steel
* Class:G3
* Type: plate cleanable sieve, bag filter
Medium efficiency filter * Filter frame: galvanized steel
* Class:F6
* Type: bag filter
* Bag length:500mm
* Bag quantity:6
* Filter frame: aluminum alloy
* Class:F5/F7
* Type: plate filter(only F5)
* Bag length: 381/600mm
* Bag quantity:8
Sub-high efficiency filter * Filter frame: galvanized steel
* Class:F8
* Type: bag filter
* Bag length:500mm
* Bag quantity:6
* Filter frame: aluminum alloy
* Class:F9
* Type: foldaway filter
* Bag length:600mm
* Bag quantity:8
High efficiency filter * Filter frame: aluminum alloy
* Type: box filter, V-shape
* Box thickness:292mm
Cooling coil
(drip eliminator)
* Copper pipe & Corrugated aluminum fins
(3/8” copper pipes)
* Aluminum fin: hydrophilic
* Piping Rows:4/6/8
* Equipped with manu exhaust valve and drainage valve
* Drain pan: stainless steel, big slope
* Drip eliminator: galvanized steel frame & aluminum alloy impeller
* Entering and leaving water pipe: screw connection (external thread)
* Drawable
* Piping Rows:2/10/12
* Drip eliminator: aluminum alloy frame & aluminum alloy/PVC impeller
* Entering and leaving water pipe: flange connection
Heating coil * Copper pipe & Corrugated aluminum fins
(3/8” copper pipes)
* Piping Rows:2
* Undrawable
* Material: steel pipe & aluminum fin, steel pipe & steel fin
* Drawable if equipped with drain pan
Electric Heater * Fin type heater
* Step control
* PTC electric heater
Dry steam humidifying section * Stainless steel, manu-control valve
* Drain pan: share with cooling coil
* Electric proportion regulation, fast-absorption dry steam humidifier
* Individual drain pan
High-pressure spray humidifying section * Equipped with control box
* Drip eliminator: wet film
* Drain pan: share with cooling coil
* Individual drain pan
Wet film humidifier * Direct drainage
* Wet film thickness:50、100、150、200、250、300
* Drain pan: share with cooling coil
* Wet film humidifier: circulating water with water pump
Electrode type humidifying section * Equipped with control box * Individual drain pan
Electric Heating type humidifying section * Equipped with control box * Individual drain pan
Heat recovery section * Heat recovery type: Rotary, plate
* By-pass valve galvanized steel
* Heat recovery type: Heat tube type
* By-pass valve aluminum alloy
Centrifugal fan section * Centrifugal fan: forward/backward/plug fan
* Motor: Protection Class:IP54,Insulation Class: E
* Driving mode: Belt drive/frequency conversion direct connection
* Motor: frequency conversion, EEF1/IE2, protection Class IP55, insulation Class: F* flowmeter
Sound absorbing section * Silencing cotton
* Perforated-panel
* Microperforated-panel
Others * Repair door * Accessories:
Observation window, pressure differential gauge, pressure differential switch, repair lamp, floating ball water seal, repair ladder, outdoor rain shelter
* Junction Box

High performance:

Modulus Design

Bosch Modular AHU is unique for its innovative double skin casing structure which can meet EN1886. Double skin panels are tightly fixed onto a strong aluminum alloy frame with engineering plastic junctions.

Mechanical Strength/deformation factor:D1

Heat transfer Class:T2

Cold Bridge Class:TB2

Air Leakage Rate: L1Perfect Exterior

BOSCH professional industrial design of exterior won large German System Solution Design Silver Award. Flat plate inside the box, completely without screws and sealing strip or sealant, very suitable for purifying air conditioning. The thickness of 30mm, 50mm two kind of optional internal insulation rock wool, more optional, meet the user requirements of fire insulationMore reliable

High product quality with German company advanced technology

High quality stainless steel water drain pan, low temperature welding and anti-corrosion paint

Design service life of 25 yearsMore convenient

Variety of combinations: according to installation space requirements to provide horizontal, vertical, upper and lower combined type and combined type structure

Modular design are easy to install

The internal structure of a pushing and pulling type is convenient to repair and replace parts


MAHU Manual 2015

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