High Efficiency

Energy Saving

Friendly to Environment and Multiply Capacity to Select

General Information :

• Provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water
• High performance: high efficiency and reliable operation.

Secure & Convenient: Intelligent unit protection features ensure easy operation, greater comfort and reliability.


Robust structure:  high strength aluminum frame inside, professional connections


Efficient compressor: Lower pressure drop, high reliability, compliance, precise.


Efficient coaxial heat exchanger (Cu-Ni): high efficiency, excellent corrosion resistance, outstanding anti-freezing capability


Low noise level: Top case insulation material, sound absorption solution, sound insulation, damping solution.


User-friendly controller: LED display, touch-sensitive button, intelligent self-diagnostic function.


Modular Design: making easy to enlarge capacity if needed.


Multiple protections: Overload protection, high/low voltage protection, water shortage protection, anti-freezing protection ect..

With more than 40 years of heat pump experience, Bosch heat pump is professionally designed to provide the excellent climate comfort for your buildings. The optimized refrigerant system design plus most advanced scroll compressor and coaxial heat exchanger get Bosch’s heat pump runs with high efficiency. Besides that, the modular design makes it easy to enlarge capacity when needed and ease the installation to fit all applications.

High efficiency and energy saving:
Superior performance and high energy efficiency ratio with well-known scroll compressor

Environmental lead:
Environmental protection refrigerant R410a do no harm to ozone layer and reduce the emission of CO2 for its high efficiency

Compact structure, convenient installation:
Small size is convenient to transport through a doorway, elevators and corridors. Convenient to install and add capacity

Low noise:
Floating installation compressors, runs smoothly and quietly

Multiple choice of capacity:
Capacity 8~100kW, can meet the personalized design of different buildings and systems

Flexible: various unit sizes allow for installation in almost all kinds of buildings


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