Level Switches-Horizontal/Specialty Series F6&F7

Low Cost, Hermetically Sealed Contacts

General Information :

The SERIES F6 & F7 Horizontal and Specialty Float Switches are designed to mount through the walls of tanks or other vessels and unique applications to provide point level indication.

  • Water level monitoring
  • Oil level control
  • Chemical level indication
  • Sumps
  • Stand pipes
  • Tank level control

Temperature Limits: 80°C; 125°C; 200°C
Material: Polypropylene
Pressure Limits: 8 bar,15 bar, 25 bar,20.7 bar
Electrical Rating: 0.08A, 0.7A, 0.14A
Wire Leads: 30cm. 61cm
Weight: 1.23-10g

Hermetically sealed reed switches are actuated by magnets permanently bonded inside the float arm and can be easily adapted to open or close a circuit on rising or falling levels




Catalog :

F6 & F7 Catalog

  • CE Approval
  •  RoHS Letter of Compliance

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