IZFI Condensing Unit for Low Temperature Refrigeration Applications

CoreSenseTM for Copeland Scroll Compressors, 5 Sizes from 5 to 20HP

Wide Range Operating Envelope

Qualified for R404A

Evaporating Temperature -40oC÷ 4oC

For tropical ambient at 46oC

General Information :
  • Save on Applied Costs and Assembly Time
  • CoreSenseTM for Copeland Scroll Compressors
  • Wide Range Operating Envelope
  • Scroll Efficiency and Reliability
  • Low Sound and Vibration

Scroll Efficiency and Reliability

  • COP improvement leads to annual electrical savings of 15–20% as compared with reciprocating systems
  • 70% fewer moving parts than reciprocating
  • Superior liquid handling

Smooth Scroll Movement

  • Low sound and vibration leading to reliable & peaceful operation
  • No complex internal suction and discharge valves for quieter operation and higher reliability.

Wide Range Operating Envelope

  • Perfect for LT from -40°C to -4°C evaporating temperature
  • Designed for tropical ambient operation at 46oC

Low temperature operation reliability by CoreSenseTM

CoreSense Technology

  • Low temperature operation reliability due to vapor injection technology.
  • High discharge line temperature protection thru onboard control for vapor injection.
  • Direct communication function by using LED inside CoreSense TM

Save on applied costs and assembly time.

High efficiency leading to lower annual operating costs.

Consistent reliable performance.

Fully assembled, high quality, factory built condensing unit.

Wide range operating envelope.

Future-Ready Refrigerant. CoreSense TM Technology vapor injection.

Save on Applied Costs and Assembly Time

  • IZFI comes with accessories (e.g. economizer, receiver, accumulator, sight class, moisture indicator, filter drier, adjustable HP & Fixed HP, Oil separator, contactor, electrical box and CoreSense) thus simplifying component sourcing
  • Consistent quality achieved through factory built Condensing Unit

Vapor Injection Technology for 20% Higher Efficiency

  • ZFI*KQE compressors to perform higher efficiency than single-stage compressor at low temperature operation.
  • Improves system capacity by 40% and efficiency by on average
  • Low temperature operation reliability due to vapor injection technology

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