Copeland Scroll ZR Compressors for R22, R407C and R134a Refrigerant

General Information :

Model ZR

R22 and R407C

  • Single Phase: 2 Models
  • Three Phase: 8 Models


  • Single Phase: 1 Model
  • Three Phase: 7 Models

Scroll Efficiency and Reliability

  • COP improvement leads to annual electrical savings of 15–20% as compared with reciprocating systems
  • 70% fewer moving parts than reciprocating
  • Superior liquid handling

Smooth Scroll Movement

  • Low sound and vibration leading to reliable & peaceful operation
  • No complex internal suction and discharge valves for quieter operation and higher reliability.

Qualified for R22, R134a*, R407*

Multi refrigerant capability

Maximum Allowable Pressure (PS)

ZR 18 to ZR 81:

Low side PS 20bar / High Side PS 29.5 bar

ZR 84 to ZR 380:

Low side PS 20 bar / High Side PS 32 bar

Copeland ScrollTM Compressors for R22, R407C and R134a refrigerant are widely used in air conditioning, process cooling and precision cooling applications.

Applied in the air conditioning industry in diverse applications including split systems, rooftops, packaged units and chillers. Scroll compressors are now the most used compression technology replacing reciprocating due to its undeniable superiority. Several, fully CopelandTM qualified, multiple compressor assemblies (tandem and trio) are available to be used in large capacity systems to deliver optimal comfort, low operating cost with higher seasonal efficiency.

The range of products goes from ZR18 (1.5HP) to ZR380 (30HP) in single compressor applications and to 60/90 HP in Tandem/trio applications in single module.

  • Copeland Scroll axial and radial compliance for superior reliability and efficiency.
  • Wide scroll line up
  • Low oil circulation rate
  • Superior liquid handling capability
  • Low sound and vibration level
  • Low Total Equivalent Warming Impact
  • Copeland qualified tandem and trio configuration for superior seasonal efficiency.

Wide Range Operating Envelope


Catalog :

Catalog Scroll ZR

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