Copeland Scroll ZP Compressors for R410A Refrigerant

General Information :
  • ZP Model
  • Single Phase: 3 Models
  • Three Phase: 10 Models

Scroll Efficiency and Reliability

  • COP improvement leads to annual electrical savings of 15–20% as compared with reciprocating systems
  • 70% fewer moving parts than reciprocating 
  • Superior liquid handling

Smooth Scroll Movement

  • Low sound and vibration leading to reliable & peaceful operation
  • No complex internal suction and discharge valves for quieter operation and higher reliability.

Qualified for R410A

Maximum Allowable Pressure (PS)

ZP 14 to ZP 91:

Low side PS 28bar / High Side PS 43 bar

ZP 90 to ZP 485:

Low side PS 29.5 bar / High Side PS 45 bar

The Copeland ScrollTM compressors are perfectly suitable for split systems, rooftops, packaged units and chiller applications.

Copeland Scroll compressors offer an advantage of fewer moving parts with scroll sets wearing in. Meanwhile, both axial and radial compliance allows the scroll compressor to be more tolerant of liquid refrigerant and debris thus enhancing reliability. Furthermore, Emerson’s well established expertise in paralleling multiple compressors to one efficient solution provides a unique advantage and an assured benefit even for the manufacturing of large capacity systems (air cooled and water cooled chillers).

The broad range of products goes from ZP14 (1.2HP) to ZP725 (60HP) in single compressor applications and to 120/180 HP in Tandem/trio applications in single module.

  • Copeland Scroll axial and radial compliance for superior reliability and efficiency.
  • Wide scroll line up in R410A
  • Low oil circulation rate
  • Superior liquid handling capability
  • Low sound and vibration level
  • Low Total Equivalent Warming Impact


Catalog :

Catalog Scroll ZR

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