Coil Defender DTM

Safe and Reliable anti-Corrosion application that saves you Money and Extends the life of your air-Conditioning System, Heat exchanger, and other industrial applications

General Information :

COIL COAT DTM BLUE An excellent water based epoxy coating that repels condensate and improves efficiency

  • HVAC Heat Exchangers
  • Marine Applications
  • Hospital & Health Care
  • Mining Transport
  • Industrial Applications
  • Extreme Environments
  • OEM Applications
  • Manufacturers

Our line of coil cleaners are all environmentally friendly, non toxic and non caustic. Instead of harsh chemicals we use enzymes to do the work of eating away the mold, mildew and bio slime that accumulates on HVAC AHU (interior) coils. Cleaners are sold in convenient “spray cans” or can be purchased in concentrated containers and mixed with water.

  • Cuts electricity costs by over 30%
  • Reduces maintenance costs by 50%
  • Maintains cooling efficiency
  • Easy to apply to new or old coils
  • Doubles the life of units in marine environments
  • Safe water-based formula
  • 500,000 coils coated globally with this technology
  • Protects the health of building occupants
  • Environmentally friendly

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