VBA216 Ball Valve

  • Vertical installation of horizontal piping or horizontal installation of vertical piping
  • When mounting the actuator in the fields, before installing the actuator, use an adjustable wrench to manually rotate the valve stem several times. This rotation breaks the torque that may have built up during long-stem storage
  • Pay attention to medium flow direction, make sure  the valve to move  in the proper direction, wire the input lines to the electric actuator correctly.

Rated rotary angle: 90°(adjustable)
Nominal pressure rating: PN16
Flow characteristic: Equal percentage
Rangeability: 300:1
Leakage rate: £0.01% of kVS
Valve body: End connections BSPP

Material Cast Brass

Dimensions: See Fig.1
Medium: Chilled and hot water
Working temperature: -5 … 120 °C

  • Cast brass with BSPP.
  • Low seat leakage rate
  • Spring supply seat for long life span
  • Excellent self-clean function
  • Accurate positioning to ensure state-of-the-art temperature control
  • Easy mounting of directly coupled with electric actuator

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