Cảm biến đo khí CO (CMT 200)

Có thể lựa chọn tín hiệu xuất ra, dãy đo 200 ppm

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Bộ cảm biến khí CO CMT 200 có thể lựa chọn giá trị xuất ra theo dòng điện hay theo điện áp, dựa theo tỉ lệ khí ở bãi xe dưới tầng hầm, xưởng bảo dưỡng ô tô hoặc xưởng cơ khí.

Sensor: Field replacement electrochemical, 4 year typical lifespan
Range: 0 to 200 ppm
Coverage Area: 5000 to 7000 sq.ft.typical.
Accuracy: ±2% of reading at the time of calibration.
Output Drift: <5% per year in air.
Temperature Limits: -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C).
Storage Temperature: For best sensor life, 32 to 68°F (0 to 20°C).
Humidity Limits: 15 to 90% RH constant; 0 to 99% RH intermittent.
Response Time: < 45 seconds to 90% of final value.
Calibration: 15 turn span and zero adjustment potentiometers.
Housing: UV resistant polycarbonate
Output: Jumper selectable 4 to 20 mA (loop powered) or 2 to 10 V (load must be>50KΩ).
Power Requirements: Current Output: 18 to 28 VDC; Voltage Output:18 to 28 VDC/VAC, reverse polarity protected.
Electrical Connection: Removable terminal block, includes two PG11 and one PG 16 knockouts for conduit fitting
Weight: 0.28 (0.11 k g).
Agency Approvals: CE.

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